Finance Documents

A description of when to use each form can be found next to each link below. If you are still not sure which form needs to be filled out, e-mail the Secretary of Finance Harrison Kirby at and ask about your case specifically.


Be sure to submit all documents in .doc or .docx formatNO PDFs will be accepted!
Before filling out any form, be sure to check out the Finance Committee Guidelines


Finance Cheat Sheet for Student Organizations


Application For New Student Organization – To receive any money from the Student Government Association, a club must first be officially recognized. Submit this form to Austin Ryan ( and Kendrick Durham ( in order to be considered for official recognition.

Allocation Form – This form should be filled out and submitted during the Allocation process by the date specified by the Secretary of Finance at the end of the school year if an organization wants to receive a budget for the upcoming school year.

Audit Form – Every January, clubs are audited for the money they have spent at that point in the school year. Club Treasurers must submit this form on the date specified on the finance page, and the club must pass the audit itself in order to avoid having the club’s account frozen.

Donation Request – Submit this form to request that the Student Government Association make a donation to a worthy organization on behalf of the college, the students, or an organization or club. It is important to note that while there are many worthy organizations out there that the Student Government Association would love donate to, a direct benefit to Centre Students should accompany any request to better its chances.

Check Request Form – Request funds in the form of a check.

Funds Transfer Form – This form should be used when one student organization wishes to transfer some portion of its budget to another recognized student organization.

Internal Reimbursement Form – This form should be used by SGA members who have made purchases over $20 and wish to be reimbursed via SGA’s budget.

Missing Receipt Form – This form should be filled out and submitted for the January Audit by any club or organization that does not have the original receipt of every purchase made.

Petty Cash Request Form – Request funds in the form of cold, hard cash.

Reallocation Request Form – This form should be used by club treasurers to reallocate Conditional Funding from its original designation in the Allocation process for some other purpose.

Special Funding Request – This form can be used to acquire a budget during the school year if a General Funding Request was not submitted during Allocation. It can also be used to request funds for an activity not found in a club’s budget. DUE ONE WEEK PRIOR TO EACH GENERAL SESSION BY 5PM.

Example Special Funding Request – This provides an example of how to properly fill out a special funding request.


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